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What Rights Do Grandparents In Georgia Have?

Many children enjoy spending time with their grandparents. Likewise, most grandparents love spending time with their grandchildren. Grandparents also have parenting wisdom that comes from the experience of raising children. However, if parents do not want their children to spend time with the grandparents, in most situations, there is little the grandparents can do.

In Georgia, if two parents are happily married and do not want their children to have a relationship with the grandparents, the grandparents have little right to influence that decision. However, if the grandparents had a strong relationship with their grandchildren and were cut out during a divorce or after the death of a parent, they may have rights to see the kids.

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Determining What Is In The Best Interest Of The Children

Like all family law cases involving children, the most important factor is understanding the best interest of the children. If children have developed a good relationship with their grandparents, then it is often in the children’s best interest to continue seeing those grandparents.

Many of the grandparents who meet with our lawyer developed strong relationships with their grandchildren when the kids were living with them or when the grandparents were providing financial support for their grandchildren. In those situations, many judges agree that it is in the best interest of the children to maintain a relationship with their grandparents.

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