Newnan Child Support Lawyer Delia Crouch

Understanding The Child Support Formula

In Georgia, child support payments are determined by guidelines and a formula. Although there may be special situations when a judge needs to adjust the formula, determining child support is typically very straightforward.

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean the process is easy. Like calculating spousal support, determining child support payments requires a great deal of paperwork. At Crouch Law, LLC, Attorneys at Law, we work closely with clients to fill out all the paperwork. With almost 30 years of experience, we know how to fill out the forms efficiently, and our lawyer knows what expenses may influence the final payment amount.

Deviations From The Child Support Formula

Although the guidelines for child support tend to be very consistent, there are times when judges may award parents money in addition to what would be awarded by the formula.

In some cases, if a child is involved in costly extracurricular activities and the custodial parent is paying the bulk of that expense, the noncustodial parent may be required to pay more child support. For example, if one parent needs to take a child to the doctor every day for physical therapy, the other parent may be ordered to pay compensation to supplement the driving expense and the interruption to the workday.

Requesting Child Support Modifications

Child support payments are based on a formula, but what happens if the variables in that formula change? If one parent receives a significant pay increase or loses hours at work against his or her will, the child support payments may be changed. However, it’s important to understand that child support will not change unless someone makes a request for a modification.

Georgia Attorneys Explaining Child Support Guidelines

If your situation changes, it’s important to contact a Newnan child support attorney quickly. We can help you estimate how much child support you’ll be expected to pay or receive – giving you the time to prepare for the changes. To learn more, schedule your initial consultation by contacting us online or call 800-201-0688.

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