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Recognizing The Benefits Of Collaborative Divorce

When some people think about divorce, they picture people who fight every time they’re in a room together. Although there are divorces that are contentious at every step of the process, many of the divorces we handle at our Georgia law firm are not like that.

What our lawyer – Crouch Law, LLC, Attorneys at Law – has learned in more than 28 years of family law practice is that most people do not want conflict. Most people despise conflict, and they do whatever they can do avoid it. People don’t want adversarial relationships in their marriages, and they don’t want to create adversity in their divorces.

Couples Who Seek Collaborative Divorce

There are some couples who cannot agree on anything. They may both be interested in achieving the same outcomes, but the communication has broken down so much that they’re no longer interested in working together on anything. For some families, domestic violence or mental illness inhibits their ability to communicate openly and honestly.

Most people who are interested in collaborative divorce know their relationships won’t end when their divorces are finalized. They want to be able to share future milestone events, such as graduations, weddings and grandchildren.

Couples who are interested in collaborative divorce are typically couples who are comfortable making decisions together. They’re couples who have worked together to achieve common goals, like saving money for a down payment on a house, putting kids through school or building a business.

Couples Who Understand The Importance Of Negotiation

When couples contact our law firm, they bring that same willingness and ability to negotiate to the divorce proceedings. Couples who have a history of negotiating to meet common goals use that skill to achieve favorable outcomes during their divorces.

Generally, collaborative divorce means working with several professionals. In addition to working with lawyers, couples often also work with financial specialists, child psychologists, marriage therapists and church counselors. The individuals who are interested in collaborative divorce understand that each professional is responsible for various aspects of the divorce. The collaborative process provides parties legal, psychological and expert professional assistance in resolving their legal matters.

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