Newnan Spousal Support Lawyer Delia Crouch

Many of the people in Georgia who contact our firm for divorce representation have been married a long time. Often, the clients we work with have been married for at least 20 years and have well-established personal and professional reputations.

At our law firm – Crouch Law, LLC, Attorneys at Law – we know that individuals are looking for immediate answers. The divorce process can take months, but in many situations, we’re able to help our clients estimate how much they’ll be expected to pay or receive in spousal support and take immediate steps to provide financial assistance if they have been cut off from resources by the other spouse.

When clients contact our firm, we don’t just show them examples of what the spousal support formula looks like. Our attorneys work closely with clients in Newnan to use real numbers in the spousal support formula – like the actual values of our clients’ assets and their incomes – so there are no surprises down the road.

Educating Clients On The Spousal Support Answers They Need

We know it’s time-consuming to fill out all the paperwork we give you for spousal support matters, but we also know that your involvement is crucial. When our clients take the time to thoroughly and accurately complete the homework we give them, the spousal support decision from the judge is more likely to reflect their needs.

In addition, if we appear in front of a judge for the spousal support decision, the judge would rather hear from the divorcing individual than from his or her lawyer. We work closely with our clients to ensure they are well-prepared, well-educated and able to articulate their spousal support requests in court. We know that working as a team – lawyer and client – enables our clients to get the results they need.

Protect Your Finances By Working With A Fayetteville Area Alimony Attorney

When you contact our firm, we will help ensure you have the information you need to protect your finances. Contact our firm online or call 800-201-0688 to schedule your initial consultation.

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