Newnan Family Lawyers

Providing A Road Map For Each Step Of The Family Law Process

Our law firm — Crouch Law, LLC, Attorneys at Law — is committed to collaborating with clients to help them find the divorce solutions they need. We know individuals are looking for advice about what to do at each step of the process, so one of the first things we do is help create a road map about the most effective way to move through the process.

Knowing what to expect will not make the divorce process less emotional, but it can make it easier to deal with the uncertainty of the legal process. Our family law attorneys offer legal counsel to individuals in Newnan and throughout Georgia in matters related to:

Domestic Violence And Temporary Protective Orders

If you are being abused or if you were wrongly accused of hurting a loved one, it's important to work with an attorney who can help you receive the protection you need. A temporary protective order tells the abuser that if the abuse continues, he or she will face serious legal ramifications.

Unfortunately, some parents falsely accuse their spouses of violence in an effort to manipulate the outcome of child custody or divorce arrangements. We can help assist in presenting your case to the judge with a view toward minimizing the damages resulting from false allegations. If you are being wrongly accused of domestic violence or if you are facing a temporary protective order that you don't think is fair, we can help ensure your rights are not violated more.

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